Calling for Auditions
youth 6 grade - 18 years

"All’s Fair in Love and War"

No one is immune to the power of love. Love is the most common theme in all of literature and art. It is the universal language that can be tragic, romantic, comedic and dramatic all at the same time. Love moves us to action and conquers our greatest fears! The directors have chosen scenes from various musicals and plays that tell the timeless story of love longed for, fought for, love found, lost, and love found yet again. We will use spoken word, song, and dance to take the audience through the exciting roller coaster that is love. These familiar scenes create a thought-provoking story that will entertain all ages!

Audition Workshop 9/3, 6p-8p at the Nazarene Church 900 West Line Street

Audition 9/6, 9am at the Nazarene Church 900 West Line Street


In light of the unexpected high cost to acquire "Grease",  the Playhouse 395 Board of Directors made a prudent sensible and responsible choice to find a different show.  We are confident that our valued patrons, actors, crew, volunteers and supports will thoroughly enjoy the Fall Youth Production of "All's Fair in Love and War" featuring songs from your favorite plays. 


Board of Directors Meeting - August 12th, 2104

Stay tuned for the announcement of the next Board of Directors Meeting in September.  Everyone is invited.

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"GUYS and DOLLS" is the hopeful SPRING PRODUCTION for 2015!

Three show ideas were presented at the April 22nd Board of Directors meeting;  Debbie Clarkson with 'Fiddler on the Roof',  Dave Hardin with 'Guys and Dolls'  and Martha Reynolds with 'The King and I'.  All were well received.  Playhouse 395 thanks the three volunteer directors for their efforts in planning and their countless hours of support to bring quality theater to the Eastern Sierra.  Playhouse 395 volunteers will  proceed with the paperwork needed to apply for the rights.  Stay tuned for more information.
Look for auditions for the Spring Production of 2015 to be held in December 2014.